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Terms and Conditions is e-commerce run by Wish Butik HB (a  company registered in Sweden with tax registration number 969786-3398). These Terms and Conditions include the terms for delivery found at ”Shipment and Returns”. Any other use than the hereby stipulated requires written permission signed by both parts. All costs are calculated from the base currency SEK (Svenska kronor, Swedish crowns). They are shown including value-added tax (moms) unless otherwise stated. When other currencies than SEK are shown, those currencies are calculated based on a rate set by Appliances The Terms and Conditions apply where Swedish or other applicable law does not stipulate otherwise. Orders A customer placing an order must be 18 or older. Should the customer be under 18, he or she must have written permission from a legal guardian in advance of the order. Orders placed in someone else's name without consent can be reported to the Police. Wish Butik HB with should not be held liable for a misprint, faulty information, wrong specifications, or the like in any of (Wish Butik HB) products or services. Neither can be held accountable for differences in availability, at a stock shortage a customer is given the opportunity to cancel the transaction or to be reimbursed in a way that corresponds with the value of the product. All images shall be viewed as illustrations merely and cannot be guaranteed to reflect the precise look and condition. Wish Butik HB reserves the right to cancel any order and let any transaction be returned without stating a reason for this. Payment uses PayPal secure payment system which lets you choose between several popular credit and debit cards such as Visa or MasterCard. At orders placed by using credit or debit cards, the Terms and Conditions becomes valid as soon as the monetary transaction is approved. No extra charge is added for using a credit or debit card. Wish Butik HB ( reserves the right to change the pricing, wrong pricing, and products being sold out. Wish Butik HB can cancel the order and return submitted payments. The reason will be communicated to the customer by the time of the cancellation of the order. Please note that when you confirm payment at the store the transaction is transferred to PayPal and any discrepancies or doubts regarding your payment should be brought up with PayPal. Ownership All products will be the property of (Wish Butik HB) until full payment has been received. Rights to return You normally have the right to return goods bought over the internet within 14 days. However, foodstuff is an exception to this rule. No right to return foodstuff. Liabilities (Wish Butik HB) responsibility for defects or mistakes on orders are limited to the current Terms and Conditions. (Wish Butik HB) will not accept any direct or indirect responsibility for events including but not limited to delayed deliveries, extra work, or other economic harm. (Wish Butik HB) shall not be responsible for damage that can be derived from someone else such as the producer or the customer. Guarantees The Swedish law regarding consumers (konsumentköplagen) will be followed. Force Majeure Events such as war, natural disasters, strike or equal actions on the labor market, decisions by authorities, failed deliveries from subcontractor’s, circumstances leading to raised costs or equivalent events beyond the control of (Wish Butik HB) should be viewed ad Force Majeure and release (Wish Butik HB) from all duties of fulfilling agreements entered into. Dispute Should there be a dispute; the recommendations of the Swedish National Board for Consumer Complaints will be followed. Misc. (Wish Butik HB) reserves the right to change information and data, including but not limited to, pricing, specifications, tables of content and product offers without prior notice. (Wish Butik HB) reservations concerning any typos and errors in product or price and product photos. In the event of a product not being available at the set price or due to discontinuation, (Wish Butik HB) will have the right to cancel the order and refund a submitted payment to the customer. Images Unless otherwise stated the images on this site are the property of Wish Butik HB. The product images are meant to be illustrative and may not show the actual packaging of the delivered goods. This can happen particularly when the producer changes the package design. Please note: All content including pictures is property of Wish Butik HB ( and can not be copied without written permission. Legal Notice Integrity, cookies, and such Your integrity Wish Butik HB is managed from Sweden where integrity laws are fairly strict. By registering at this website you agree that the data you leave is to be stored by us. Some data is necessary to be able to place an order and make a payment. Such data is mandatory and marked. We will use the stored data in our line of business. uses data for practical reasons to be able to communicate with customers and for transactions to be made. We have no interest in spreading personal data. You are always in your right to remove or ask us to remove your data. Cookies A cookie is a small text file that the website you are visiting will try to save on your computer. Cookies are used at many websites to give the visitor access to different functionality. In some cases, it is possible to use information from a cookie to track a user's web-behavior. According to Swedish law, all visitors to a website using cookies are entitled to get information on • That the website uses cookies • What the cookies are used for • How to avoid the cookies This website ( uses cookies. They are used to personalize the page for the visitor, keeping track of what is in the cart, what language is set, and what currency is used. This type of cookie contains no information on the visitor's activity on the website. Your visit is anonymous as long as you don't log in. When your web browser is closed, the cookie is erased. The cookies are also used to create the breadcrumb-functionality to keep track of and present wherein the website structure you are. Cookies can be avoided by setting your browser not to accept cookies. Without cookies, you will still be able to browse the website but you won't be able to put anything in your cart, login, or go through with an order. Copyright and credits Unique content belongs to and is not to be used by anyone else. 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